Ridgewood, NY and environs

The House! 61-15 Palmetto St Middle Village/Metropolitan Ave (end of the line!) Fresh Pond Road (warmest) Forest Ave (warmer) Seneca Ave (you're getting warm) Wyckoff Ave -- Transfer to the L Myrtle Ave -- Transfer to the M Halsey St (you're getting cold) Linden Hill Cemetary (Joseph Bloomingdale is here) Lutheran Cemetary (picnic in the spring anyone? it's the home of the General Slocum Steamboat Fire Mass Memorial) Mount Carmel Cemetery (Bella Abzug is here) Union Field Cemetery St. Mathias (you can see this church when you are at the Forest Ave. M station) Queen's Metro Mall (aka: the death star) Christ the King High School (they love their basketball)

Please check NYCT's website for current service status so you can avoid 'known' problems.

For those of you who appreciate them, some buses that may be of use:

--From Flushing: Q58
--From Williamsburgh or Jamaica: Q54
--From Downtown Brooklyn: B38 (to Catalpa) ; B52 ; B26

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